In-growing and Problem Nails

In-growing and problem nails have many causes such as: infections, trauma, inappropriate footwear and biomechanical problems and can be treated under the supervision of a podiatrist.


Here at FeetWell we strive to offer the best in topical treatments and reduction of the nail along with conservative management to improve and resolve the issue.


Early intervention is key in avoiding nail removal so if your having problems, come and see a podiatrist here at FeetWell and let us guide you and treat your problem nails.

Foot, Heel and Ankle Pain

Foot, heel and ankle pain often results from stress injuries caused by overuse, inappropriate footwear or a poor gait when running or walking.


Such injuries can be treated by a podiatrist using a combination of orthotics, appropriate footwear, exercise and stretching advice and guidance.


If you have concerns about such pain then book for a biomechanical assessment with a podiatrist. Here at FeetWell we will endeavour to make you comfortable again.

Skin Infections and Verrucae

Viruses, fungal, yeast and bacteria can cause problems for the skin from verrucae to Athletes Foot and these can occur at any age or any stage of life. Infections on the foot can be treated through advice and treatment from your podiatrist through a pathway of care.


Here at FeetWell we offer a range of treatments for the removal of verrucae and warts such as topical acids, cryotherapy and dry needling. More gentle treatments are available for children and people with compromised health.


Early intervention is key so if you have any concerns then why not book an appointment and come and get some treatment and advice.

Hard Skin and Corns

Hard skin on the sole of the foot and corns over bony prominences are common and if left unchecked they can become extremely uncomfortable and may lead to further problems. Heel callus can easily crack leading to an increased risk of infection.


If you suffer from such conditions then pop along to FeetWell and let us guide and treat your feet. The podiatrist will remove the hard skin and corns and advise you how to prevent them from re-occurring.