Thickened, unsightly, discoloured nails …


So many patients come to FeetWell asking for help to treat discoloured or thickened nails the majority of which are diagnosed as fungal infections, known to us in the podiatry profession as Onychomycosis. Patients are then offered a choice of treatments and often prefer not to have the systemic medications due to concerns over side effects, choosing topical treatments instead.


Patients have had some success with topical treatments but often get tired of applying the medicaments. This May be because of the lack of visible changes and therefore seem to loose interest in continuing treatment. Sometimes patients admit they are not applying the topical treatments on a daily basis because their toes are difficult to reach, the lacquer takes too long to dry or they are too difficult to rasp before applying their medication. These reasons have been reported to me over and over.


Then… a couple of years ago Clearanail arrived, a new treatment that’s got podiatrists attention…

I’ve waited to see the results. The results are very positive and so FeetWell has invested in the new technology.


In a nutshell, Clearanail is a safe, pain free and quick way of improving the appearance and eventually clearing the fungal infection. In most cases using only one application with the Clearanail technology.


So what is the Clearanail treatment?

Tiny, holes are gently burred around and into the infected nail or nails with a single use burr bit, then one spray a day of topical medication, soaks through the holes into the nail bed, the spread of which is enhanced when you weight bare/stand, essentially allowing micro application of the medication. That’s it.


+No pain

+The nail is left in-tact

+Visible improvement occurs within weeks

+Did I say No pain?

+Easy to apply nail spray once a day

+Suitable for Diabetics


The clinical improvements appear only after a couple of weeks, whilst other treatments usually takes months. It should be noted that treatment continues as the nail grows out so still takes a considerable time, however you can see the visible improvements.


Why not call and book a Clearanail treatment and see the difference yourself.